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The Dangers of Diet Pills

Obesity is something that the government has been trying to solve for many years now. Though it is not considered a disease, it is a condition that could lead to… Read more »

17 of the Best Fat Loss Tips: Part 2

If you have not had a look at part 1 yet then go and have a quick read - 17 of the best Fat loss Tips : Part 1  Now… Read more »

17 of the Best Fat Loss Tips : Part 1

1. Have a Plan If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! It is important that from the outset you have a specific, measurable and realistic goal in mind…. Read more »

Scrawny to Brawny in 6 Simple Steps

Anyone who’s ever made the transition from scrawny to brawny knows that getting big isn’t an accident. Putting on muscle does not just happen overnight and it doesn’t come without… Read more »

Carb Choices

If you are trying to lose body fat or simply want to be healthier, choosing the “RIGHT” carbohydrates is really important. For years we were told “high carb-low fat” which… Read more »

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