Athletic v Skinny

I hear a lot of people talking about how they are really desperate to lose that extra 10 pounds they are carrying around. Everyone wants to look good at the beach but losing weight, in my opinion is simply not the answer to looking good or performing well for that matter. There’s no reason to lose weight unless you’re competing in a weight classed sport.

What you want to do is lose body fat.  To reduce fat, you MUST re-educate the body’s ability to burn fat as the main source of fuel. When you burn fat, you don’t get hungry and you don’t crave: the KEY to permanent body composition change. Unfortunately, most “weight loss” programs temporarily starve off weight (including muscle) by merely depriving calories. 99% have been proven failures, for the body hasn’t converted to a fat burning fuel source, and the “weight” returns when the cravings and the “diet” ends. Ask, HOW will these dietary changes help my body restore its fat burning natural state?

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