Improve your Core Strength with RKC Plank

Typically we see people holding planks for minutes on end. Today that’s all going to change as we are going to take the plank which is typically a pretty low level exercise and amp it up to get better results in terms of core strength development by performing the exercise the right way. I learnt this from Pavel Tsatsouline from Dragon Door and if you ever get the chance to do one of his courses I would highly recommend it.

Ok here is what we are looking for when we execute the RKC Plank

  • Perform the plank for between 5-20 sec holds
  • Neutral posture – chin tucked in
  • Make tight fists
  • Screw shoulders into place
  • Squeeze legs together
  • Activate  glutes which makes it harder for abdominals and obliques
  • Pull elbows toward toes and toes toward elbows WITHOUT piking up

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