Leg Spin Bowling Tips

Below are five simple parts of the action to look for when coaching a leg spin bowler. As the coach be sure to make a note of any variances from the five and then discuss these with the bowler you are working with.

Coaching Principles:

1. Alignment- Align shoulders and hips toward target

2. Front Arm- Lead with front arm toward target. Pull down hard

3. Spin the ball Up- Bowl “up and over” with shoulders

4. Pivot- Rotate the shoulders 180 degrees

5. Follow Through- Complete the action with the bowling shoulder facing the target, with bowling hand to opposite hip (left hip) and front arm out the back.

As a coach it is going to be difficult to pick up or focus on all five things at once so it might be a good idea for you to start from the ground up or look from the top down to the ground. I find video to be a useful tool which makes analyzing these principles a lot easier and faster.

The Approach (Run-up) to the Wicket is Crucial

Whilst the approach to the crease is an individual thing, it is important not to have a run up which is either too straight or too angled. If the approach is too angled when the bowler arrives at the crease the tendency is for them to pull their front arm to the side. This makes it hard for them to rotate over their front leg and affects the amount of spin they can impart on the ball. On the other hand, if the bowlers approach is too straight they tend to jump in at the crease and close themselves off. This can cause the bowling arm to become too high or the front arm may pull to the side. Both these result in less spin being produced on delivery.

Key Points when Helping a Leg Spinner with their Approach (Run-up)

  • Slightly angled approach
  • Slight lean forward
  • Long strides better for rhythm than short steps
  • Focus on target at commencement of approach – This is an individual thing though so it may vary from player to player. Shane Warne used to focus on what type of shot he wanted to draw the batsman into playing
  • Get into a side-on position one step before they jump (bound)
  • The run up/approach is for momentum (energy at the crease), rhythm and balance

A good way to find a good approach is to reverse chain from the delivery stride. If the bowler stops spinning the ball the run up is probably too long so get them to move the run up closer until they start spinning it more.

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    sachin lover amit

  • NaikSukant

    I bowl leg breaks and googlies but they are very slow.

    • MB33

      Try to be more aggressive through the crease to get more momentum going through towards the target. This will help you bowl a little quicker through the air and get more rip on the ball.

  • Dan

    Shane Warne is the greatest spin bowler of all time!

  • Argonpoorun

    I struggle to keep my run up consistent and it results on me focusing less on delivering the bal, any tips on finding a simple consistent runup?

    • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

      Start at the crease and bowl off one step. Then bowl from 2 steps, 3, 4 etc until you find a run up that feels comfortable. Try to do this out on the pitch in your bowling spikes so you get a good feel of what it will be like when you bowl in a match. 

  • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

    There could be a number of reasons why you are not spinning the ball. It could be your grip, your bowling arm could be too high at release or you may not be getting over your front leg. If you send a video I could help you address this issue

  • Saifkhan

    hello mate
    are you a leg spinner yourself?
    also so im 5’11 so im kind of tall as leggies are normally about 5’7. should i focus on getting a good momentum through the ball with big strides or focus more on the accuracy. lastly, are there any areas on my body that i need to strengthen as im only 16 so i’m still getting stronger.


    • Michael quinn

      im a leggie and im 6’3 focus on accuracy your height will add pace.

  • airtel

    I have seen many leg spin bowlers and whenever I see their palm position while bowling they spin the ball from off to leg but when I do this it only turns a little. Please could you give me some tips so that I can improve my leg spin bowling.

    • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

      If you post a video of yourself bowling then I could have a look at it. If you are not spinning it enough you might be releasing the ball from too high, which is good for top spinners, googly’s and getting extra bounce but not ideal if you want to spin the ball laterally 

  • splinter cell

    hi, i need help.whenever is bowl my leg spin it bounces too high.how to reduce the bounce?

  • splinter cell

    hi, i need help.whenever i bowl it bounces too high,is there any way to reduce its bounce?

    • AH

      Most probably the wicket you’re bowling on or you’re bowling more top spin the leg break. But bounce and leg spin are a batsmen’s worst nightmare. Good for getting caught behind. As long as you pitch the ball in the right area and get good flight, you should be fine. If you’re looking to hit the stumps, try pitching the ball further up the wicket. However, as a leggy I would have thought most wickets come from being caught or LBW.

  • Yudhajeet_Barua

    I have quite a similar action as warnie, I can turn leg-breaks and wrong’un very laterally and quite accurate with my length, But I am facing blood circulation problem after bowling back-spinning flippers why is it happening so???

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