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Want to Bowl Faster?

Want to Bowl Faster?

Perhaps the most common question asked by young fast bowlers is “how can I bowl faster? Everyone wants to bowl faster and in most cases everyone can bowl faster by… Read more »

Sexy and I know it Glute Protocol

I have been getting a lot of questions about glute exercises, which is no surprise really. I mean who doesn’t want to develop serious glute strength, and build a great looking ass? The goal… Read more »

7 Top Cricket Strength Training Exercises

I believe that there are certain basic bodyweight movements that should form the foundation of your strength training programs, such as push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, jumps, squats and sprinting etc. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Half Kneeling Single Arm Landmine Press

I have been using the half-kneeling single arm landmine press quite a bit recently in my own training and with some of the cricket players I work with.  Reason being… Read more »

Scrawny to Brawny in 6 Simple Steps

Anyone who’s ever made the transition from scrawny to brawny knows that getting big isn’t an accident. Putting on muscle does not just happen overnight and it doesn’t come without… Read more »

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