We strive to provide a coaching service that allows people of all ages and ability, to quickly improve their skills, confidence and match day performance. It is our goal to develop the best version of YOU that we can by providing a training environment that is both challenging and fun. Our coaching program consists of both individual/1-on-1 and group coaching sessions by qualified and experienced cricket coaches. All coaches are Cricket Australia Qualified and have played First Grade Cricket for the University of Queensland Cricket Club.

The Coaches

      Michael Brundle 
      Peter Clarke

        Ben Davis 
          Abhi Bhat

Specialist Cricket Coaching

Individual (1-on-1) Sessions 
  • Individual (1-on-1) cricket coaching sessions provide specialized coaching to improve technique, mental strength and game awareness.
  • Each session runs for 60 minutes.
  • While the program usually runs in 4-week blocks of weekly sessions, bi-weekly sessions can also be arranged.
  • In case of wet weather, there is the option of using an indoor facility at Brisbane City Indoor Sports in Newmarket.
  • If appropriate, another athlete may be brought in to bat or bowl for some of the session to simulate match scenarios.
Mini-Group Training (2-on-1) Sessions
  • Mini-group (2-on-1) cricket coaching sessions provide specialized coaching to improve technique, mental strength and game awareness, in a semi-private setting where there are 2 athletes and one coach.
  • Each session runs for 60 minutes
  • This program usually runs in 4-week blocks of weekly sessions.
  • In case of wet weather, there is the option of using an indoor facility at Brisbane City Indoor Sports in Newmarket.
Group Training Program
  • Groups training sessions consist of athletes of similar skill level (between 4 -16 athletes).
  • These sessions focus on batting, bowling and fielding and some cricket specific movement training.
  • Group sessions run from between 2 to 2.5 hours.
Strength & Conditioning Program

Strength Speed Agility offers a strength and conditioning service which can be accessed in conjunction with, or separately to, the private cricket coaching program. After a functional movement screen by an FMS© qualified coach (Michael Brundle), a customized program is designed for the athlete. The program and results are continually assessed and analyzed to better understand the athlete, and optimize every facet of their performance. The goal is not only to improve each athlete’s mental and technical ability, but to enhance their performance by improving their overall movement control. Included is a dynamic flexibility and mobility program to improve these patterns.

Individual (1-on-1) Sessions 
  • Based on the athlete’s FMS results, their personal goals and the specific needs of the sport they are preparing for, an individualized training program is designed. Individual sessions with a qualified strength and conditioning coach involve mobility, speed and agility, power and strength development and energy system training (conditioning).
  • Individual sessions run for 60 minutes.
  • Equipment used: medicine balls, resistance bands, agility ladders, slideboards, plyometrics boxes, TRX suspension trainer, free-weights and kettlebells.
Online Strength & Conditioning Program
  • After a FMS, a program is designed which optimizes foundational human movement to help athletes reach their full potential. This program is delivered through the XPS trainer software which the athlete can access online or through a smart phone application.
  • The athlete will need to video record some of their movement/exercises on a regular basis so that their coach can review their quality of movement and the program can be adjusted accordingly to restore optimal movement and remove potential limitations.

Benefits of the Coaching Program

  • Improved Technique- With the help of cricket specific drills, specialised equipment, exercises and video analysis
  • Mental Strength- A huge emphasis is placed on mental preparation to help players deal with tough situations in both games and training.
  • Better Game Awareness- Improving each players knowledge of the game as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. This gives each player a much better chance of success come match day.
  • Improved Flexibility- Enhancing sporting and athletic performance; Loosen up tight, stiff muscles; and promote quick recovery from muscle pain and sports injury.
  • Improved Strength, Speed and Agility- Being faster, stronger and more agile will improve performance, prevent injury and allow the athlete or player to further develop their range of skills.


“The team at StrengthSpeedAgility provide an outstanding all-inclusive sports performance training service. Led by the super professional Michael Brundle, they cater to players of all ages and abilities from kids starting out playing the game to those at a more advanced stage looking to take their game to the next level.Over the last three years of my first-class cricket career with the Queensland Bulls and Brisbane Heat, I have worked closely with Mike, tapping into his high-level, specialised training expertise. Without a doubt, with him by my side, I have boosted my performances. In particular, I have refined my technique, added to my match awareness and taken my fitness to a greater level in the agility and flexibility areas. As an elite cricketer I understand the importance of finding every little advantage, and Mike’s knowledge and coaching skills definitely help you find that edge.”
Chris Hartley, Queensland Bulls and Brisbane Heat
“I have now been working with Michael and his coaches from StrengthSpeedAgility for the past 5 years in my roles as Director of Cricket at Brisbane Boys’ College and Head Coach of the senior and junior programs at the University of Queensland Cricket Club. The planning and implementation of the individual and group sessions that StrengthSpeedAgility have run have been second to none and I highly recommend cricketers of all ages and standards to seek out Michael to further develop their Cricket on all levels. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship into the future.”
Jarrod Turner, UQCC Head Coach

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