Half Kneeling Single Arm Landmine Press

I have been using the half-kneeling single arm landmine press quite a bit recently in my own training and with some of the cricket players I work with.  Reason being it is a strength exercise that has a number of benefits. Firstly, when you position the trail leg appropriately you get a good static hip flexor stretch. To get the maximum benefit though, it is important to activate the same glute and brace your core.

The second benefit to this exercise is the core stability aspect of the movement. The load forces you to resist extension, making it a really good anterior core stability exercise.  And, because it’s loaded asymmetrically, it serves as a great lateral and rotary core stability exercise as well.

I also really like the fact that the exercise helps work on dynamic stability of the scapula and thoracic mobility at the same time.

And if you are using an Olympic bar you have a thicker grip which activates the forearms a little more which I think is great! If you don’t have access to an Olympic bar grab a pair of Fat Gripz and use those on your regular bar.

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  • PoorBogan

    How are you meant to do this at home without that contraption ? Do you think every person in the world can just afford to have such a device in the home ? Do you ? I think you need to think about these factors in future

    • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

      Most gyms these days have this kind of equipment. Here in Australia its called a Torsonator and in the US its called an Extreme Core Trainer. If you don’t have access to this then all you need to do to perform the exercise is put a bar in a corner. If you want to 
       to challenge the core a bit more you can add resistance with a band from an angle but this is not necessary. 

      • Iasjkdn

        haha good answer Mike

      • http://www.facebook.com/Joseph.Andres.Martins Andres Martins

        It is actually called “The Landmine” sold in most fitness stores. You can find some from 64.99 to $199.99. And on his right is a simple kettle bell with a resistance band on it. It is quite inexpensive; I have this at home.

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