Batting Key Points

First Thought is to Score

The goal of batting is to score as many runs as you can. The best way to do this is by being positive and having intent to score every ball. Positive energy helps you move your feet and get into position to play the ball into a gap for runs.

Leave Well with Intent/ Purpose

This is especially important against the new ball or when you first come out to bat. You need to be positive and try to score off as many balls as you can. However, if the bowler hits a good line and length outside off stump we want to leave the ball well with good footwork, watching it go through to the keeper. By doing this we learn more about the pace and bounce of the wicket as well as how far the ball is swinging. Bowlers are always trying to make batters play away from their body so being patient and waiting for them to bowl tighter lines is very important.

Pounce on Width, Leg Side and Half Volleys

When the bowlers search for a little much and offer us a free scoring opportunity it is important for us to “cash in”. This sends a message to the bowling unit that if they get it wrong you are going to find the boundary. This can only be achieved by being positive and decisive with your footwork.

Communication On and Off the Field

As a batting unit we need to quickly assess the on-field conditions, what the bowlers are doing (tactics and skills), and which are the better fielders on the park. Once we have formulated a plan out in the middle both individually and as a partnership the batters may relay some information back to the rest of the group in the dressing room. The captain may also relay info back to his/her batters during a drinks breaks or change of gloves etc.

Partnerships – KPI’s and Hundreds

Big partnerships build momentum and go a long way to helping your team win matches. It is important that once you “get in” as a batting unit that you cash in by being positive, staying calm and trying to bat for as long as you possibly can. Be aware that once you start building a partnership, you may break the back of the opposition and they might lose interest in the game. It is crucial at this stage of the innings that you and your partner keep your standards high by being positive, watching the ball and playing straight.

Rotate the Strike

Good rotation of the strike means while you are ticking over the scoreboard you are not allowing your opposition to build any momentum or rhythm by bowling to one batsman. This is particularly effective if you have a left and right hand batsman at the crease.  You do this by assessing where your gaps are and using your feet to manipulate the ball into a gap with soft hands to get a single.

Aggressive in Everything You Do

Be positive and back yourself in every situation.

Enjoy Your Own Success as well as Your Teammate’s Success

While we train and play hard it is important to enjoy our own as well as each other’s success. Support your team mates batting by watching, having gloves and drinks ready, updating the scoreboard and celebrating with them after they have performed well. This builds morale and can inspire others to want to perform at a similar level.

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  • Patel Arjun50

    I still need help for batting because i want to know how you individually act fast to hit the ball. When I bat, I can’t really judge where it is going to pitch from the bowler’s hand. How do you judge the line by looking at his hand releasing the ball? Because I cannot judge this, I get to know where the ball pitches to late and then that time is to less to react good enough. Please help me because I need help for batting in the usa u-17 that I play for.

    • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

      There are no real secrets. 
      Keep your head still, watch the ball closely and practice a lot. 

    • gaurav gupta

      Hi Arjun, How are you?? dont take tension.. Be confident, And watch the ball, watch the ball and watch the ball.. why 3 times? bcoz, watch the ball from the bowlers hand, off the pitch, on to the bat n the most importent thing is that make your mind after the release… Enjoy your cricket.. now go n rock the world… all the best..

  • aditya auty 10

    i cannot face fast bowlers i cannot move that fast as the speed of the ball
    please help me coz i need to get selected for the state please!!!

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