How to Hit a Straight Drive

The straight drive is one of the most important shots to be able to execute as a batsman. It is a run scoring opportunity when bowlers search for LBW’s and bowled, and when executed well is one of the finest skills to watch on a cricket field.

There are 3 things we are looking to execute when we want to hit the straight drive:

Watch the ball and get your front foot as close as possible to ball. Make sure your head is positioned over your front knee.

Hit the ball Late
It is important to wait for the ball so that contact is underneath your eyes. This is where you have the most power and control.

To get into a balanced position and maintain a still head and eyes through the shot we must bend our front knee. This gives us much more stability through the shot which will allow for better timing and more power.

If you can execute these 3 things you will be playing straight drives like Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting in no time. It takes practice so try the drills in the video and keep working at it.

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