Do Work!

Work! The bedrock of success comes from good old fashioned hard work. Our society seems have lost sight of this somewhat as people tend to be less motivated to get up and get the work done.

Coach Lou Holtz once said: “Nowadays people only worry about their rights and privileges; 40 yrs ago they worried about their obligations and responsibilities.”

There is no secret to success;  it’s quite simple really, but also extremely difficult because it takes hard work. Early mornings, late nights, reading, writing, failure, success, mistakes, stress, two steps back, three steps forward, sacrifice, risk, reward and the most precious resource we own, time! However, the beautiful thing about work ethic is that we have direct control over it. Every morning we wake up we make a conscious decision to work.

As coaches we have a direct responsibility to instil work ethic in all our athletes. We have the power to shape and motivate people. Firstly, we have to live the message we are trying to pass on and be the change we want to see in our athletes. Treat everyone equal but go the extra mile for everyone too. It takes energy but you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to go all in.

             Remember, successful people do daily what mediocre people do occasionally

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