The Best Shoulder Rehab Exercises

best shoulder rehab

This is a 7 day shoulder rehabilitation program that can be implemented to maintain and restore shoulder health, function and stability. Always consult a physiotherapist prior to starting nay rehabilitation program after injury or surgery. It is important that you have no pain at this stage and if you feel any pain in doing any of the movements then make sure you seek clinical advice.

This particular program starts with three consecutive days of shoulder circuit workouts followed by a rest day, then another two days of circuits. Always complete a good warm up before the workouts and include some self massage therapy and stretching.

Day 1: Shoulder Circuit 1

Day 2: Shoulder Circuit 2

Day 3: Rest and Recovery

Day 4: Shoulder Circuit 3

Day 5: Shoulder Circuit 4

Day 6: Shoulder Circuit 5

Day 7: Rest and Recovery

NB. Good sleep and proper nutritional intake (food and supplements) are key components to effective recovery so every day in the program should include strategies to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs to regenerate.

Warm-up: Prior to commencing each circuit workout, It is a good idea to use some self massage techniques using a foam roller, tennis ball or any other device that you like to improve mobility and tone in an around the shoulders. The amount of self myofascial release or massage that you do will depend on how much time you have available to workout. The more you do obviously the better and if you are able to try and see a hands on therapist as often as you can.

The Grid Foam Roller

Horizontal Grid Banner

Circuit Workout: Each exercise in the shoulder circuits are performed for 10-12 repetitions and each circuit is completed 1-3 times.

Foam Rolling (Self Myofascial Release)

• Lats

• Anterior Roll (chest and shoulders)

• Posterior Tennis Ball Roll

Dynamic Warm Up (Mobility and Stability)

• Kneeling Rotations

• Scapular Floor Slides

• Reach Roll and Lift

• Rib Pulls

• Incline Push Ups

Shoulder Circuit 1

• DB or Kettlebell Retractions

• DB Protractions

• Posterior Capsule Stretch

• Side lying Rotations

• Band Behinds

Shoulder Circuit 2

• DB Cuban Rotations

• Band External Rotations

• Band Pull Aparts

• Face Pulls

Shoulder Circuit 3

• Posterior Capsule Stretch

• Quad Ball Rocking

• Face Pulls With External Rotation

• Barbell Overhead Shrugs

• Prone “Y’s”

• Band Internal Rotations

Shoulder Circuit 4

• Band Internal Rotations

• Prone W’s / Band W Activation

• Push-up

Shoulder Circuit 5

• Band W Activation

• Lateral Moving Push Up

• Band External Rotations

• Prone “T’s”

• Prone W to L

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  • Stuart Broad

    Great article. Please could you make a video for these exercises

  • Mike

    Yes I am putting together a series of videos at the moment. Will hopefully have them up soon!

  • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

    Videos almost done!

  • labs

    good stuff

  • Seeta Singh

    I really like these videos for strengthening the shoulder. I will continue using them in my training routines. Thanks!

    • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

      These exercises can be introduced in a rehab setting but I also like to incorporate some of these exercises into my program to maintain shoulder health.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VLUT5EN5LDHGG3BLX77P432YKM ChiL

    my left shoulder seem to grind on the socket when i do DB shoulder press. It’s old injury and it seem to hunch a little bit to the forward compare to my right shoulder. Does these exercise helps to restore to it’s original mobility and flexibility

    • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

      Soft tissue work i.e massage and self myofascial release will improve mobility. I would recommend you stay away from vertical pressing until you have restored mobility. Have you seen a physio? 

  • Maglile

    I’ve torn my supraspinatus from last 2 years or more and still haven’t gotten it healed or anything and my rotator cuff also any exercises to heal it?

  • http://www.strengthspeedagility.com Michael Brundle

    No worries glad they are helping!

  • luisalbertove

    Hi Micheal! Thank you very much for this rehab routine. I’ve been searching your youtube channel and youtube itself for the “prone y’s” video. How do you recommend I do this exercise, flat on the floor or on an incline bench? I appreciate your support! Thankx! Toqui

  • luisalbertove

    Hi Micheal! Thank you very much for this rehab routine. I’ve been searching your youtube channel and youtube itself for the “prone y’s” video. How do you recommend I do this exercise, flat on the floor or on an incline bench? I appreciate your support! Thanks! Toqui

  • Sarah

    Michael, these videos are awesome. I’m rehabbing my frozen right shoulder from bad mousing ergonomics. When I tried the Scapular Floor Slides, I was shocked that my right arm and shoulder was so tight that it would not lie flat on the floor! And the attempted motion was painful on that side. Can you tell me which muscle in my right shoulder is damaged, so I can pinpoint how to fix it?  Thanks so much!!!

  • Chelsea Good

    Hi! Love the ideas.  I’m wondering if I’m missing something though. It says to do the shoulder circuits each day, but no other info linking to what the circuits entail? Your help would be appreciated.

  • Waheed Dhedhi

    After day 7 once you’ve complete all circuits, do you restart the routine on circuit 1 all through to 7 again and while slowly increasing the weights used?

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