Want Speed and Power? Get Glutes

Do you want to run faster, jump higher or hit with more power? Do you want that extra edge over your opponents? Well the key lies in your glutes. Improving your glute strength will improve your speed and power and give you the edge you have been looking for.

But, let us look at some of the “hidden” powers of the glutes. Ok besides the really obvious ones like jumping, sprinting, deadlifting and squatting. There is a reason we want the glutes activated during exercise. Glute activation helps with pretty much any exercise or movement you do.

Why is this?

Let’s take the pull up for example. Yes strong glutes do help with pull ups. How? Well, the lats attach to the iliac crest on the hips which merges into the fascia network on the backside of your body. The fibers of your left glute and your right lat lie in the same direction (cotralateral connection). The same goes for the right glute and left lat. These form an “X” which I like to refer to as the “Power X”, so when you activate or squeeze your glutes during pull ups it stabilizes your spine by tightening up that connection. This allows your lats and upper body to create more force during each pull. Don’t believe me? Try it next time you do pull ups!!

What about pressing movements? Yep, squeezing your bum helps with exercises like the bench press and overhead kettlebell press too. Again, it stabilizes your spine so once this base of support is established, your brain gives your muscles the go ahead to work as hard as they can because the glutes have taken care of spinal stabilization which is the number one priority. Without this stability we have nothing!

And core training? Your bum is very much a part of your core as it gives your spine stability which is very important. This means every exercise that involves your abs, should involve your glutes too so squeeze those bad boys!

Now you know how important your glutes are, its time to start training - Squats, lunges, one leg squats, split squats, hip extension exercises and bridging exercises are all going to help you get stronger glutes, increase your glute activation and make you a faster, more powerful mover in your sport.

And don’t glutes that fill jeans just look awesome??

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  • Gluteman

    sweet gluteus maximus there!

  • Therese

    nice jeans

  • Andy23

    I tried pull ups with glute activation yesterday at the gym. Wow! Thanks for this tip. I just wish someone had taught me this before. 

  • Matts66

    Your posterior chain (especially the glutes) are key to enhanced sports performance. Improving your glute strength will improve hip extension which will make run faster, jump higher and thus be more explosive. If you want to perform better definitely need to work those glutes more! 

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