Carb Choices

If you are trying to lose body fat or simply want to be healthier, choosing the “RIGHT” carbohydrates is really important.

For years we were told “high carb-low fat” which was terrible advice. Why is a high carb-low fat diet unhealthy? Well, when you digest carbohydrates, they are converted into sugar in your bloodstream, the same sugar found in ice cream, soft drinks, and all the other junk foods most people would recognize as unhealthy. Since high blood sugar is toxic, your body produces a hormone called insulin to bring it down to a reasonable level. The trouble with this, however, is that insulin brings down your blood sugar by converting it to fat and sending it into your fat cells to be stored.

The advice should have been “Good Carbs and Good Fats”.

Ok so what are good carbs?

The BEST CARBS you can eat are VEGETABLE Carbs.

Vegetables are nutrient dense which simply means you get lots of good stuff with your carbs. In other words eat more vegetables!

Ok which carbs should you stay from?

1)      Empty Carbs: Breads, cereals, pasta and rice have lower nutrient density than fruits and vegetables. If you do choose to eat carbs though go for whole grain breads, cereals, etc. Whole grain varieties contain more fiber which helps with digestion and keeps you fuller for longer.

2)     Junk Carbs: Cookies, cakes, sweets, etc. With most of these food choices comes sugar and unhealthy fat, and little to no nutrients.

Take home lesson is:

Eat less bread, cereal and pasta. Have WAY MORE Vegetables and fruit. You should get 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day so try to eat at least a vegetable at every meal. 

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