17 of the Best Fat Loss Tips: Part 2

If you have not had a look at part 1 yet then go and have a quick read - 17 of the best Fat loss Tips : Part 1 

Now here is part 2 of the series:

9. Get Moving

In today’s society we are very sedentary, particularly in the first world where everything has become too easy. There is a button you push for practically everything. On top of that we spend more time: commuting to and from work, we sit in front of computers all day and we chill in front of our TV’s on the couch. Get out of your comfort zone, go for a walk, and take the stairs instead of the lift. Ride a bike to work or take up a hobby like tennis or golf, without the golf cart

10. Use Combination Exercises

What you want to do is link 2-3 different exercises together to create a flowing movement where you get a lot more work done in quick time. An example of this is doing a push up, followed by a burpee and then a pull-up. Another great one is the horizontal row to leg curl using the TRX. These combination exercises really increase the intensity of your workout as they get your heart rate pumping which will kick start your fat loss. Remember dropping fat is not easy. You have to WORK HARD for it.

11. Rest Less during Exercise

Depending on your level of fitness you may reduce your rest between exercises to as little as 15-30 seconds. I would suggest progressively decreasing your rest by recording your work to rest ratio. You may start with 30 seconds of work to 60 seconds of rest (1:2 ratio) and then in week 2 drop that down to30 seconds of work with 45 seconds rest (1:1.5) and in week 3 you may reach a work to rest ration of (1:1)

12. Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

You do not need any fancy equipment or expensive gym membership. You can perform many exercises with your own body weight. If you have some extra cash to spend then I would recommend a sandbag, kettle bell or TRX suspension trainer. If you want to add variety to your workouts and are keen for more of a challenge then having more than one of these items will help.

13. Add Workout Variety

As mentioned before with a few pieces of equipment you can set up a nice little circuit where you move from one exercise to another. In the video below I show you a cool little circuit where I perform 7 exercises in a row with a kettle bell, sandbag, the TRX and my own body weight.

14. Lift Heavy Stuff

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the FASTEST way to burn fat is by lifting heavy weights. It is a myth that heavy weights will make you bulky so girls get lifting. Lifting heavy raises your metabolism as it activates more muscle so you end up burning more calories for a longer period of time following exercise. The other benefit is that lifting heavy weights makes you stronger and if you are stronger you can work harder next session so therefore increase your ability to lose more fat as you progress through your program.

15. Plan a Cheat Day

Changing your lifestyle and diet is a huge challenge. Once you have set your goals and plan for the week make sure you reward yourself for doing the hard yards. Do this by planning a cheat day. It may be once every week or fortnight. Whatever the case, rewarding yourself for your achievements will keep you motivated to continue working towards your end goal

16. Cut out Unnecessary Liquid Calories

Most people think diet is all about food intake but the truth is most of your calories come from the drinks you have. Most soft drinks, juices and energy drinks are overloaded with sugar which is really bad if you are trying to drop body fat. The other high calorie liquid is alcohol so if you are drinking beers every day you may have to sacrifice this little habit and treat yourself only on the weekend. That does not mean you reward yourself by bingeing on a Saturday night. Moderation is the key if you want to be successful in your quest to lose body fat and get into shape

17. Get More Sleep

Sleep does more than help your body recover from a long day of work and training — it actually helps you fight fat. In fact, researchers at the University of Chicago reported that when you sleep for less than 7 to 8 hours your appetite increases making it easy to over eat. This slows your metabolism so your body holds onto more fat. Getting a good night sleep ever night will also make you feel fresh and energetic for the next day.



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