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Strength Speed Agility (SSA) was founded by performance expert Michael Brundle with the goal of delivering world-class health and performance training and education to everyone from exercise enthusiasts to professional athletes around the world. Michael has rapidly established himself as a go-to consultant in the cricket community for his success in improving technique, bowling and throwing velocity, bat speed, and sprinting speed — while markedly reducing injury rates. He personally evaluates all athletes that come to him for strength and conditioning and writes their individualized, comprehensive training programs.


To help develop athletic, skilful and focused athletes by combining world class training methods and scientific research into a structured program that efficiently and effectively enhances performance while promoting personal self-improvement and most of all ENJOYMENT.

Our Methodology

Strength Speed Agility (SSA) applies an integrated and multi faceted training approach that generates RESULTS. Michael and his performance team will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level.

Performance Training

Each client gets taken through a functional movement screen to assess functional limitations and asymmetries. Following this assessment a corrective exercise plan is put in place to address any issues. The training is then geared around developing strength, power, speed and co-ordination. The program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction, linear and lateral speed development, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, correct strength/weight training techniques, core strength and stability and nutritional recommendations.

Cricket Skills Training

Fielding - Linear and Lateral Movement, Game and Positional Awareness, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Throwing Technique and Improved Velocity, Balance and Catching Technique.

Bowling - Technique, Confidence, Flexibility and Mobility Drills, Correct Warm Up Protocol, Core Strength and Stability, Injury Prevention and Recovery Strategies

Batting - Technique, Game Awareness, Confidence and Mental Focus, Breathing Techniques, Core Strength and Stability, Balance and Running Between the wickets

We hold ourselves to very high standards and feel that are clients are a direct reflection of us. Remaining true to ourselves and our clients, all training techniques, methods, products and nutritional supplementation used by Strength Speed Agility (SSA) are safe and ethical.

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