PALEO WATER: The Original, Primal Energy Drink

I get asked quite a lot what my preferred “energy drink” is. My answer is WATER.

Drinking a healthy amount of water is vital for everyone’s health. It is amazing to me how many people suck down caffeinated energy drinks and sugar filled sports drinks yet neglect the greatest drink of them all: water. By drinking more water and less of the man made crap you will get tremendous health benefits.

Before you can appreciate the benefits of water to your health, let’s have a look at the role water plays in human body.

The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on your body size.  I am sure you have heard this before, 2/3 of body is consists of water which happens to be the average for most people.  Do you know that your organs and tissues are primarily made up of water?

Muscle consists of 75% water, the brain consists of 90% of water, blood consists of 83% water and your bones are made up of about 20%.

Water plays a key role in the human body.  It aids in the transport of nutrients and oxygen into cells, moisturizes the air in your lungs, helps regulate your metabolism, protects the body’s vital organs, regulates body temperature, detoxifies the body and protects and moisturizes our joints.

As you can see water is an essential part of our system which is why it is so important to drink enough of it. Take for example, the brain, which consists of 90% of water, if you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain will not function well, and you will end up with a headache or even migraine. So next time you have a headache you know its is most likely a result of dehydration.

Getting dehydrated is the last thing you want as it causes things like fatigue, headaches or migraines, constipation, dry skin, kidney problems, irregular blood pressure and cramp.

Some of the symptoms showing you that you need to drink more water are dark urine, dry skin, hunger, thirst and tiredness.

The question is how much water should you drink a day to stay healthy and avoid dehydration?

A common approach is drinking 8 glasses of water a day but this would vary depending on the amount of exercise or work you put your body through during the day.


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