Just Do It

Nike really nailed it with their “Just do it” slogan, didn’t they? I find myself saying it or thinking it all the time. Do you do the same? When I feel myself getting lazy or I become aware of my fear or un willingness to step out of my comfort zone I give myself some tough love and tell myself  “come on, JUST DO IT!”

It’s the Christmas break now and while I am having a break from cricket I know I need to get my strength levels back up and work on improving my hip and shoulder mobility so I can’t afford to have days where I am too lazy to get off my arse and do work.

I did not want to do the strength session I had planned today after having a long weekend of cricket. In fact it’s not been the only one I have not wanted to do in the last couple of weeks. My training is always a priority and needed to get it done. It is pretty tough when you don’t have a coach to push or motivate during times like these when complacency may start to set in but it’s certainly no excuse.

I really had to dig deep to find the motivation not only to do the session but more importantly to put 100% into it. After some procrastination, I talked myself into starting the session with a very harsh “Just do it” to myself and before I knew it I was fully into the workout and loving it. After finishing my workout which consisted of some mobility work, plyometrics, lower body strength, rotator cuff strength and upper body pulling I felt amazing.

It reminded me that commitment requires a higher price than what most coaches and athletes are willing to pay, and it separates mediocrity from excellence. The question do you want to be mediocre or do you want to step it up?

Make the right call and JUST DO IT!


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