Essential Guide to Post Workout Nutrition

Time is important- Your post workout window of opportunity is around 15 minutes. A well- rounded meal roughly 90 minutes after the workout is the next step in continuing good nutrition.

Right here, right now- Don’t wait until you get home to have your post-workout protein shake. You have just worked hard in your session so it’s vital you get the most from that work in your recovery process. You need to be organised and pre-make your shake so it’s ready to go as soon as you finish your session. If not then you need to purchase one at the gym.

Recover to win- Recovery is a priority each and every day. Timing of calories is more important than the number of calories. Those that worry about the extra calories that they get from their post workout shake are missing the point here. If your goal is to lose body fat fast, then adjust the rest of your meals but make sure you have a post workout shake.

Fluid intake- Keeping your fluids up during your workout is essential. There are many reasons why sports drinks may be better than water, Taste, variety, electrolyte replacement are all important benefits of sports drink. The most important is continued carbohydrate intake during the workout to sustain energy levels.  If your goal is to lose body fat then use WATER only.

Consistency- Make your body your machine by keeping good habits and staying organised. It is no secret that simple things done well for a long period of time will make a huge difference.

Something beats nothing- If for some reason you don’t have a shake then low fat chocolate milk will do. If you don’t drink milk then a sports drink is your 3rd option. Make sure you don’t settle for these options. As I said before get ORGANISED!

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