The Grip it and Rip it Pull Up

In today’s post I am going to cover a pull up variation I have been using for a while now. I call it the Grip and Rip it Pull Up. As I have a cricket background I like to use cricket balls for this but any lacrosse, hockey or tennis balls will work for this pull up.







Grip/Wrist Strength

Using balls makes this pull-up variation extremely challenging. The tension created in the wrists and forearms helps develop serious pulling strength.

Huge Tension

You will instantly notice that the tension created in your hands moves through your forearms and into your upper back. In comparison to a regular pull-up you will find that it creates a lot more stability and contraction throughout the movement.

Setting Up for the Grip it and Rip it Pull-Up

Grab the two balls and sandwich them in between your hands and the bar. Make sure your wrists are flexed and stay flexed throughout the entire movement. This is very important!
For an additional challenge you may do these pull ups weighted.

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  • Maca23

    That looks super tough man

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