Show and Go Training Program

Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is the president and co-founder of Cressey Performance, a high performance facility located near Boston, MA. Eric has helped athletes at all levels, from youth to professional athletes, achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports. With Eric’s expertise and Cressey Performance’s cutting edge methods, their high performance centre has become a world-renowned facility for athletes. Below is a video which gives you a good look insisde Cressey Performance and their elite baseball program

Eric is also an accomplished author. His work has been featured in local and national publications like Men’s Fitness, ESPN, T-Muscle, Men’s Health, Active.com, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Baseball America, The Worcester Telegram, Perform Better, Oxygen, Experience Life, Triathlete Magazine, Collegiate Baseball, Parents and Kids, and EliteFTS.

Show and Go Training Program

Eric developed the Show and Go strength and conditioning program with the aim to help people move, look and feel better. It is a comprehensive program that can be adapted to fit a variety of goals, including building muscle mass, dropping body fat or improving sports performance. Based on the individual’s goals, energy system development and metabolic conditioning are the main components that are adapted, to fit with the core strength components of the program.

There are 5 separate supplemental conditioning options available depending on the individual’s goals. For athletes, interval or movement training might be paired with the basic strength components. On the other hand, if increasing body mass is the main goal, the individual might do very little conditioning. Bodybuilders, youth athletes, sprint athletes, baseballers, endurance athletes and everyday moms and dads have used the program with huge success.

It is a 4-month program that includes 4 separate 4-week phases. It includes 3 x week and 4 x week strength training options. There is also a 2 x week strength and conditioning program for endurance or in-season athletes who are pressed for time.

What differentiates the program from others is the use of a huge online database which features over 170 exercise videos taken at the Cressey Performance facility. These videos, conducted by strength and conditioning trainers, cover all the exercise used in the program, showing proper technique and form. The program comes with the exact templates that Eric using with his clients and professional athletes. These can be downloaded as PDF documents and printed out. This enables the individual to closely monitor their progress from week to week. Each phase has unique and comprehensive mobility warm ups showing which groups of exercises work best together.

Eric also includes an entire chapter with a corresponding video database on exercise modifications. This is particularly helpful for anyone who has limited equipment, or those individuals who have problems with flexibility and cannot perform the full range of movement for any given exercise.

There are also a range of bonuses which include:

1. Five Fantastic Finishers – 5 different modifications that can be done at the end of an exercise to increase it’s difficulty.

2. Top Five Glute Exercises – 5 new and innovative lower body exercises

3. Innovative Soft-tissue Strategies for Health and Performance – full video data base showing how to use foam rollers, balls, sticks etc. to self-massage hard-to-reach areas.

4. Show and Go Quick Reference Guide – direct link to every exercise in the database which can be pulled up quickly to check form/technique.

Our Bonus for the Show and Go Training Program

Anyone who buys through us will recieve FREE Gymboss Interval Timer as an added bonus. We find them very useful especially with the metabolic conditioning parts of the program. The gymboss timer can be used as a repeating interval timer allowing you to set a desired work/rest ratio which beeps at each interval so you so you do not have to worry about the clock. It can also act as a countdown timer or simply a stopwatch.

Follow These Simple Steps to Ensure That You Receive Your Bonus:

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