Movement Skills

Training movement skills is a huge component of my coaching programs. The movement skills and drills components of these programs are not, nor should not be limited to the training of athletes. Anyone can do them. However, anyone wanting to do these drills needs to have a certain base level of strength to be able to safely execute them without risking injury. But I believe everyone should give them a go. These movements will help you to move better and improve your understanding of your body and it’s potential.

These movements will help to develop linear, lateral and multi-directional speed, making you a better, stronger and faster athlete. Training your body in this way will also help to reduce your risk of injury. This is extremely important for all of you sporty people out there. Whether you are an aspiring young athlete trying to get better or a social tennis player, these drills are going to help you get better so include them into your strength programs and you will reap the rewards. Make sure though, to maintain your strength training with some mobility and flexibility work. Just throw these drills in there as add-ons.

Movement Skills Progression and Key Points

• Your initial focus should be to work on specific speed techniques (i.e., good posture, alignment and leg drive).

• Start slow and make sure you use the correct technique

• Start without resistance (i.e., body weight only until you can perform the movements with complete control).

• Progress simple movements to more complex moves before adding resistance and quantity of sets.

• Apply what you have learnt to sports specific movements.

The Benefits of Movement Skills Training

• Improves your speed, agility and power.

• Reduces your risk of getting injured.

• Gives you confidence and improves the way you feel.

• It’s Fun!

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