Junior Cricket Strength and Conditioning Workouts

I have put this series together as an addition to the one on one strength sessions that we do to help improve your mobility, power and strength. In our one on one session your progress will be assessed to have a look at  mobility and stability through a range of movements. Progressions/regressions can then be applied to the program moving forward to improve the way you move. Being FASTER and more POWERFUL  will help to advance your skills in batting, bowling and fielding much quicker.

If I train with you 1 day per week then I recommend following this program 2 days per week. Only move on to harder movements in the progression once you feel comfortable with the movement. If you are not sure where you are at contact me or leave a comment and I will get back to you. Always foam roll before doing a good dynamic warm up and then get in to your strength and power work. We will cover speed and agility in our private sessions.

Equipment Needed

There are a few basic things that you will need. A good foam roller, TRX suspension trainer, medicine ball 2-4kg, 41″ light resistance band and if you can get an adjustable kettle bell that would really help with your Split Squat Progression as you will become too strong for a medicine ball. I listed below the company’s I use for this equipment. Why do I use them? For two reasons – quality and price! If you buy through the links below I earn a commission on these products so you will be supporting me if you do.

Foam Roller

TRX Suspension Trainer

Resistance Bands, Kettlebell and Medicine Balls (please contact me for details)

1. Foam Roll

2. Dynamic Warm Up

3. Power – Med Ball Throws, Plyometrics

Follow the Plyometric Phase 1 Progression in the video (1-2 sets) * Use hurdles from your school. If you don’t have access to hurdles contact me and I can organise to be at UQ when you want to use them.

Med Ball Throws - Use a 2 kg ball. Perform 3 sets x 5 reps (both sides left and right) for overhead slams, side toss and rotational throws.

4. Strength – Push, Knee Dominant, Pull, Core

Strength Circuit

The strength part of the session is broken up into 4 basic types of movements. I have left out the hip dominant movement as it is a harder movement to execute and I like to coach this during my one on one session to ensure correct technique is used.

Perform the series in a circuit. Start with push ups before, then do your split squats, pull ups and finish with your planks. For each exercise perform 6-10 reps. Have a 2 minute break and repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

Push- Push up Progression

Knee Dominant – Split Squat Progression

Pull – TRX Pull Progression

Start with a double arm row and progress to single arm when you are ready. Walking your feet closer to the anchor point will increase the challenge of the exercise and vice versa.

Core – Bridge Progression

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