Fielding-Pick up and Throw Fundamentals

It is important that as a fielder that you get to the ball as quickly and efficiently as possible. Practicing linear, lateral and multi-directional movement skills is going to help improve this ability but we also need to put it into practice by going out there and getting the work done on the field at fielding training sessions. Below are a few points relating to the pick up as well as the different kinds of throws:


-Get to the ball as quickly as possible.

-Start getting low early to create balance and get your head close to the ball. If you try to get down at the last minute you will be less balanced with your eyes moving which often results in a miss-field.

- Alignment of shoulders, hips and feet towards the target

Underarm Throwing

-Watch the ball on pick-up

- Low body height should be kept throughout the movement so before the throw right through to the follow through.

- One handed or two handed pickups can be used. Obviously one hand carries more risk but is faster

- If you are right handed pick the ball on your right foot and vice-versa.

- A dive throw is just an extension of the follow through.

Over Arm Throwing

- Brace front leg for power

- Elbow higher than shoulder

- Hand outside the line of shoulder

- Release point is out in front at eye height

- Much like in the bowling action, the front arm is used for balance, direction (aim) and speed

- Throwing arm to follow through out in front and across the body (outside and lower than the opposite pocket)

- Follow through by stepping through towards target after release. This allows the arm to effectively decelerate and reduces stressors put on the shoulder from the throw.

- For a long throw replacing the feet is recommended. This helps the body regain balance, sets up a side-on position to the target and allows for a stronger, more accurate throw as more force can be generated straight towards the target.

Side Arm Throwing

- Stay low by bending at the knees and hips

- Use when on the run where there is limited time to set up for an over arm throw

- For short throws use opposite foot to hand for the pickup, take a step then release the throw

- For longer throws pick up using same foot as hand, take two steps before releasing the throw

- Alignment is important but harder to achieve than the over arm throw as you will be moving in one direction while trying to throw in another

- Rotate the shoulders before the arms and aim slightly behind the target as you are moving

- Only practice this once you have the over arm throw down pat

Reverse Pivot Throws

- Use when moving quickly to the non dominant side

- Remember to stay low and take shorter steps as you get close to the ball

- Pick up and pivot with back to the target by anchoring dominant foot

- Bring body around to align in the direction of the target

- Push off back leg towards target and throw

Flick Throws

- Keep low and head steady

- For the forward flick make sure palm faces target as arm works across the body

- For the backhand flick use the back of the hand for alignment

- For longer flicks bend the elbow and follow through towards the target

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