My Favourite Coaching Tools for Cricket

The Katchet

The Katchet gives you unpredictable deflections similar to what happens in the game when the ball deviates after hitting the bat or wicket. It makes for more realistic training which is what we strive for every day we train. What I like most about the Katchet though, is it’s extremely versatile and with a little bit of imagination you can create some really realistic ground fielding, catching and wicket keeping drills that are challenging and fun. Below I have included a few little drills that I like to use myself and with the groups that I coach.

The Side Arm

Aside from facing bowlers having good throws from the side arm is the most realistic training that a batsman can have. I have recently started using it in my own training and with the kids that I coach. You can adjust how low down the handle you hold it to get varying release points. Much like a bowling attack might have a tall, hit the deck type bowler bowling from one end and a shorter, skidding type bowler from the other. This adds a dynamic to your training that you cannot get with any bowling machine or person throwing conventionally. The batters also get to work on picking the cues of different release points, angles of delivery, changes in wrist position for cutters and slower balls as well as effort balls like the bouncer. With some practice you can get really accurate with the cutters, slower balls and you can even spin them. The thing I like most about the tool is that it requires far less effort than throwing or bowling making for a high quality practice and it saves the shoulder. As a coach I am probably throwing about two to three hundred balls a day during the season which was only going to result in shoulder problems if I continued to do that for any length of time. The Side Arm has changed all of that!

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