Do Not Buy Fish Oil Supplements

Are you currently using a fish oil supplement? If so, wouldn’t you like to know about something that was up to 50 times more effective for your health? As you may well know there are a number of important health benefits to using high quality fish oil supplements and now you can upgrade your Omega-3 rich fish oil capsules to ones that are scientifically proven to be way more effective – Krill Fish Oil.

Krill fish oil comes from a tiny shrimp like creature called krill which is found in oceans surrounding the Antarctic. It has started to gain a lot of importance because years of clinical studies and scientific research have proved that it works way better than regular fish oil. In fact in a recent University study by R.Bunea, MD., L. Deutsch, M.D. and K.Farrah, M.D showed:

- Krill oil was superior in reducing pain and inflammation

- Better for heart health as krill oil prevented high blood pressure and blood clots that could led to heart attack or stroke.

- Krill oil also helped reduce the risk of death from heart problems.

- Good cholesterol rose 10 times more than with regular fish oil

- Bad cholesterol dropped 16 times more than with regular fish oil

- Pain reduced 3 times more in the first 7 days of using krill oil as opposed to fish oil.

- Krill oil also proved way more effective for losing body fat as it improves glucose metabolism and stabilization of blood sugar levels.

- Helps maintain a healthy immune system

- Decreases joint pain

- Improves cognitive reasoning

- Improves mood and provides relief of PMS symptoms for women

- It also helps develop a better memory and increases concentration and focus

As you can see krill oil gives a lot more health benefits than regular fish oil so if you want to look, feel and perform your best then get yourself some a high quality krill oil supplement. Your body will thank you for it. I like Prograde as they are FDA approved and their products are always of the highest quality.

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