Bowling - 6 Steps to Success

When it comes to bowling there are 6 key points that we need to address to improve your results as a bowling unit.

1. Partnerships

Bowling in partnerships simply means two bowlers executing their skills from either end.  If two bowlers can bowl a tight line and length with the right field settings it will make scoring difficult for the batting team. A build up of pressure from both ends often results in a mistake from the batsmen trying to force the pace.

2. Aggression

The best bowling units in the world have always been very positive or aggressive. I think it is important for bowlers to come together as a group and assert themselves on their opposition by bowling attacking lines, setting fields that give them the best chance of taking wickets and showing positive body language which sets the tone for the entire bowling innings.

3. Planning for Individual Conditions

It is important to understand the pitch conditions, where the short boundaries are,  how fast the outfield is, and the overhead conditions on game day. All these factors may influence the team you select on the day, your tactics and how you approach trying to take 10 wickets out there.

4. Communication

Good communication skills on and off the field is key for enhancing performance. The purposes of communication are persuasion, evaluation, information, motivation and problem solving.  The captain is the one who drives the team so the captain needs to understand each of his/her bowlers to know how to best communicate with them.  Here are some keys to effective communication:

  • Be direct
  • Be complete and specific
  • Be clear and consistent
  • State your needs and feelings clearly
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Be consistent with nonverbal messages (expressions, body language, gestures)
  • Reinforce with repetition
  • Make the messages appropriate to the receiver’s level of understanding.
  • Look for feedback that your message was received accurately.

5. Discipline

This is simply knowing what you have to do and then doing it. It starts in your training and preparation for the game. You know going into a game whether you have done everything you can to prepare well. You are strong and fit; you trained hard during the week and stuck to the basics of hitting the top of off stump with a bouncer. Before the game you make sure you have warmed up properly, you are well hydrated and ready to go.

6. Fun

Last but definitely not least we all play the game to have fun. At times we may lose sight of this especially when things get tough, but it is important for us to be aware of this and understand that it is a team game so making the game enjoyable by being yourself and getting stuck in with your teammates will not only make a huge difference to your own performance but it will have a positive effect on the rest of your team.

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