TRX Suspension Training Principles

The TRX suspension trainer is a highly portable performance training tool that allows you to perform many different exercises by using your body weight and leveraging the force of gravity. The TRX is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. I like using it for progressive warm ups, strength training, single leg plyometric work as well as various core strength and stability exercises. It is also a great tool for using in metabolic circuits as it is easy to set up, can be adjusted quickly if needed and is great for combination exercises like the TRX rotational row to leg curl.

There are 3 main training principles when it comes to TRX suspension training. These are vector resistance, pendulum resistance and the stability principle.

1. Vector Resistance
For standing movements, positioning your feet closer to the TRX anchor point will increase the resistance and make the exercise more difficult. Standing further away will do the opposite.

2. Pendulum Resistance
For ground based exercises standing further away will increase the resistance and challenge on your body and if you move closer to the anchor point you will be reducing the resistance and thus make the exercise easier to perform.

3. Stability
Narrowing your base of support or moving from bilateral to unilateral movements will increase the challenge of the exercise. If you want less of a challenge widen your stance or move back to 2 hands or legs.

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