8 Reasons to Train with Resistance Bands

1. Multi-Planar Movement Training

Strength training  using resistance bands allows you to become less depend on gravity. Unlike other weight implements such as dumbbells,  kettlebells, club bells, medicine balls, barbells and other types of free weight, resistance bands can produce resistance a long a horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal force vector and any combination of forces.  I would not completely do away with other training implements as they all have their benefits. I just like to incorporate band work into my workouts because they work muscles in multiple planes which helps improve movement efficiency and thus athletic performance.

2. Bands for Improved Mobility

Resistance bands are a great  stretching tool that can help fix those tight ankles, hips and shoulders. Bands make it easier to create a position of emphasis (organized set up), and then enhance your ability to move the involved tissues past through that idealized range.  Therapists have long dealt with muscle stiffness related issues.  Usually however, we’ve failed to take into consideration the correct position of the joint or the passive accessory motion of the join complex.  This is why I like to use bands.  Don’t believe me? Try some of our mobility drills with and then without the bands and you will see exactly what I mean.

3. Get Ripped with Resistance Bands

Your muscle is made up of intertwined muscle fiber and fascia that overlaps in all different directions. Therefore training in multiple planes of motion  will enhance muscle activation and  help to create leaner, longer and  stronger muscles.

4. Bands for Dropping Body Fat

Losing body fat starts with diet of course but there are other ways to speeding up your metabolism and kick start your fat loss.  Use bands in metabolic circuits with full body movements. Resistance bands make circuit training easy, fun and fast. All my clients absolutely love using bands as transitioning in and out of movements is quick and easy. If you like to use other implements like kettlebells for swings, medicine balls for throws, Sandbags for carry’s or the TRX for combination moves then keep using them. Adding bands to your workout will challenge your core in slightly differently and add some variety to your training which is important. Bands just make things a whole more exciting.

5. Easy to Carry

The success of all training programs come down to consistency and convenience.  Using bands may just make the difference for you. If you are really busy and can’t get to the gym before work grab some bands and smash out a 20 minute circuit at home. Having bands at home will eliminate all your excuses not to train.

6. Improved Deceleration Mechanics

Resistance bands have elastic properties which provide variable resistance throughout a given movement/exercise. What is great about this is that using bands speeds up the eccentric phase and thus deceleration in every movement. Becoming better at controlling deceleration is crucial for all athletes who want to move better and reduce their rick of injury.

7. Bands for Beginners

Resistance bands allow you to learn in the privacy of your own home at resistance levels a 8 year old can handle.  It is important to start with basic movements before progressing to more challenging moves with a stronger band.

8. Easy Set Up with Bands

If you have your own band there is no waiting around for other equipment at the gym. Just attach your band to a solid anchor point and do work. I also like how easy it to adjust the resistance during the set. You don’t have to change weight if you are starting to fail or when you want to perform a drop set. Just adjust your distance from the band to change the band tension.

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