Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells were originally used by Russian wrestlers and turn of the century strongmen and are taking the world of strength and conditioning by storm. For those unfamiliar with it, a kettlebell is a round weight with a handle. They are versatile tools that allow for creativity when designing training programs and facilities. Whether you are trying to develop strength, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility or all of these things kettlebells can help you to achieve your goals. What I really like about them is that they can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. Kettlebells are commonly used to perform the Olympic lifts and movements which utilize the whole body.These movements require a large range of motion, increasing your dynamic flexibility and strength. Due to their displaced center of gravity, kettlebells are much harder to control and thus place an increased demand on core stabilization. This makes them a great total body workout tool and well worth the investment. Kettlebells are not limited to the gym as they can be taken and used anywhere.They are great in a team environment so if you are training athletes then kettlebells may be a very handy tool to have. They can be used in your circuits, metabolic conditioning workouts and even used for corrective exercise. If you have never used them then give them a go. My favorite exercises with kettlebells are the Kettlebell Swing and the Turkish Get Up.

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  • PJHolm

    I really like working out with kettlebells. Got some formal training with crossfit and then purchases some to have with me at home. I can get a really efficient metabolic workout in 20 - 30 minutes just doing some swings as well as a variety of lifts.

  • Happy

    I bought some kettlebells but they dont boil water ? I was very upset to find that they were just iron balls with no kettle applications !

    • Mike


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